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Citizen's Police Academy Classes

The Cedar Park Citizen's Police Academy program was started in January of 1996.

The goal of the Cedar Park Citizen's Police Academy is to increase the understanding between the citizens of Cedar Park and their police officers and police work in general. This is to be accomplished by educating citizens on the inner workings of their police department, which is reflected in the Academy's motto, "Knowledge through Experience".

There will be three sessions per year and each session will run for 12 weeks. Classes are held once a week for two hours.

Academies will be open to all qualified citizens on a first come, first served basis. Announcements for the next academy are printed in local papers and neighborhood publications, thus allowing interested parties to contact the Community Services Division for an application to the Academy.

After completing and returning the attached application, the following "background checks" will be completed before moving on to the next phase of the application process.

Warrant check - All outstanding warrants, if any, must be taken care of prior to participation in the academy. If any applicant is found to have a warrant, they will be notified by phone of the warrant and informed on how to take care of it.

Involvement Check - Applicants for the Academy will be disqualified from attending if they have been arrested for any violent crime or any crime that by its very nature is deemed counterproductive to the spirit and goals of the Academy. Arrest for DWI, most misdemeanors,or traffic violations will not necessarily disqualify an applicant from attending.

Drivers License Check - All applicants must have a current and clear drivers license.

After applicants are cleared, they will be notified by phone, then sent a course confirmation letter. This letter will detail the dates, times, and the location of the next scheduled academy class.

The Academy will host a "First Nighter" which will introduce police administration, instructors, area law enforcement officers, and Academy Alumni. The students will obtain an overview of the Academy. Students will receive their training manuals which will include curriculum, class description and goals, a class roster and any other related items.

Instructors will be officers from Cedar Park, as well as officers from other law enforcement agencies. These officers will help instruct students on patrol procedures, use of force,communications, criminal investigations, use of canines in police work, public safety interaction, and many other subjects over the course of the Academy. During the Academy, students will be encouraged to take part in a "Ride Along" program where the student will ride with an officer while on duty. Although not a requirement, it is one of the most interesting and eye-opening experiences offered by the school.

Academy Graduates will receive a handsome graduation certificate and a small token from class coordinators signifying the student's successful completion of the course.

Above all else, students will graduate from the academy with a personal knowledge of police work in Cedar Park. This "Knowledge through Experience" will hopefully dispel suspicions and misconceptions, and strengthen the rapport between police officers and the citizens they serve.


The Most asked Questions about the Citizen's Police Academy

What is the Purpose of conducting a Citizen's Police Academy?
To give the public information on how the Police Department works, its policies and procedures, through a series of classes involving instruction by police officers.

Where did the idea come from?
The Academy program originated in Orlando, Florida in 1984. It was the first U.S. city to start a citizen's academy.

What was the Cedar Park Police Department's reason for starting an Academy?
We feel that this is one of many Community Oriented Policing programs that provides accurate information to the public and dispels fears and misconceptions about police work. Many conflicts occur simply because of a lack of understanding.

When does the class meet?
Generally there are three sessions a year, with students meeting one day a week for 12 weeks,usually in the evenings for two hours.

Who can attend?
Any Cedar Park resident who lives or works within the city limits of Cedar Park. Applicant must be at least 18 years or older and pass a simple background check. Students include area teachers, merchants, retirees, and other professionals.

How do I apply?
Contact the Community Services Division of the Cedar Park Police Department at:

1.Call (512) 259-3600 ext. 238
Email (subje
ct: Cedar Park Citizen's Police Academy)